Digital Wallet

Take your credit & debit card on the go.

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City & County Credit Union makes it simple to pay with your credit or debit card. Digital wallets keep pace with your lifestyle and give you another way to pay quickly and securely at a retailer, online or in an app.

Use your phone, watch, tablet or computer to make easy, secure payments with your City & County Credit Union debit or credit card using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Wallet or Samsung Pay. 

Tap, Pay and Go.

  1. Add your City & County Credit Union card to any of the digital wallet options.
  2. Activate your digital wallet and tap the payment terminal.
  3. You're done! 

Check out the links below to find all the setup details, directions and other helpful tips and tricks.

Security First

Paying with your phone combines convenience with sophisticated technology to provide a new, secure way to make purchases. Along with our fraud protection services, your card details are never shared with or handled by the merchant.

  • Your card information is encrypted or hidden
  • Card information is stored in inaccessible memory
  • With Microsoft Wallet, your card information is stored in the cloud
  • Your fingerprint, face or a PIN verifies payments
  • Retailers do not see your card information