Member Testimonials

Discover what our members have to say about CCCU! From becoming a first time home-buyer to continuing a family tradition & even living the dream of retirement, these are real people, with real stories & so many reasons to celebrate.

Member for 20 Years

Family in matching PJs on couch Family in matching PJs on couch

I've been a member of City & County for nearly 20 years. Until this year, I've only had a checking and savings account. I needed to finance a purchase of my mom's home after her passing. CCCU helped me get everything together & the process felt flawless.

I am now a first time home owner! They also helped me with a HELOC and everything went smoothly. I now have money to make home improvements & cover unexpected costs!

Justin B

Financial Decisions that Benefit Me

Woman in white sweater with dog Woman in white sweater with dog

City & County has been a trusted bank for me over the last 15 years. 

The support, services and encouragement on how to best manage my finances as well as prepare and think about my future has allowed me to make financial decisions that are not only beneficial for my future, but to also enjoy my life comfortably.

Forever thankful for City & County!

Kirsten M.

Helping Beyond the Branch

Person scuba diving Person scuba diving

CCCU helped me get a new-to-me car so I can travel between my seasonal jobs in Minnesota, West Virginia, and the Florida Keys.

With their help, I can teach kids all over the country about the environment and even help with coral restoration!

Megan G.

Thank You CCCU!

Smiling couple at beach in cool weather Smiling couple at beach in cool weather

I established my CCCU account in 2014 as a total newcomer to St. Paul, and it has supported me through so many life phases in the ten years since!

From education and employment to homeownership and now new parenthood, my relationship with CCCU has been a continuous symbol of independence and security. Thank you CCCU! 

Emma R.

Great Experience

Family on basketball court Family on basketball court

I bought a car through CCCU and the experience was great! The team really took their time to work with me to ensure that I had the best options available to me.

Jason C.

Live the Dream of Retirement

Couple with mountains in background Couple with mountains in background

We asked ourselves " How are we going to save money after we retire and be able to afford doing the things we dreamed of before we retire?" 

City & County Credit Union has provided us the tools to do just that!  Being able to set up individual accounts, auto transfers and direct deposits and payments allow us the freedom to live the dream of our retirement!

Carol R

Friendliest Member Service

Large white house with double garage Large white house with double garage

CCCU has made life easy on us. Truly, the friendliest member services team. Living away from any of the branches, someone on the other end of the phone answers with a smile in their voice. Whether it was setting up auto saving, financing multiple new cars, refinancing or guidance on getting the best return on our money.

During COVID, we were blessed to remodel our kitchen. Thank you CCCU for the loan with a great interest rate & being there for us for the past 25 years. Have not thought about switching — ever. Just last month, we bought our brand new home. We were able to pay cash, something I never thought possible. Thank you for being there for my family CCCU!  

Gary K. 

Continuing the Tradition

Dad with two young kids Dad with two young kids

My dad opened a CCCU account for me when I was born. We were encouraged to save and spend wisely all throughout childhood and adolescence. Now that I have children of my own, I have accounts for them so I can continue the tradition and teach them basic personal finance.

CCCU empowers me by providing great options for stewarding mine and my children’s savings, educational opportunities for deepening our understanding of all things money, and bringing the community together at family-friendly events. We love CCCU!

Ann W.

Financial Independence

Two smiling young women Two smiling young women

Last year, my daughters embarked on their journey toward financial independence by setting up new checking and secured credit card accounts, preparing themselves for managing finances independently while still at home and before their college endeavors.

The banker patiently addressed their inquiries about credit cards, compounding interest, payments, and offered a profoundly educational experience.

Having been a CCCU customer for numerous years, I maintain my relationship with them for the exceptional personal touch they provide. Every visit to CCCU welcomes my family with warm smiles, and in Woodbury, a delightful cup of coffee or cocoa!

Pamela M.